Construction & Mining

Hemisphere GNSS’ next-generation construction products deliver advanced solutions and all of the components required to accurately and efficiently manage your data and take control of your machines and job sites.

Industries need applications and equipment able to withstand some of the harshest and toughest operating conditions in the world. If you work in extremely rough terrain, like open-pit mines, or spend long hours in tight conditions next to tall buildings, you need to rely on the equipment you use.

Access to Advanced Technology Features

Hemisphere’s Atlas® is an innovative service that delivers correction signals via L-band satellites at scalable accuracies ranging from sub-meter to sub-decimeter levels. Leveraging more than 200 reference stations worldwide and L-band satellites distributing corrections, virtually all the earth’s landmass has coverage. Atlas support is available on all Hemisphere multi-frequency, multi-GNSS hardware.

RTK-level accuracy is in demand for machine-control applications such as stake-less grading and Atlas simulates RTK precision, making it a good fit for such applications. Often, repeatability is particularly critical. Unlike autonomous positioning via SBAS, the precision of RTK resists positioning “drift”. Customers who work in grading and excavation depend on the Atlas service for RTK-level accuracy where RTK positioning is otherwise difficult or impossible.

Atlas compliments third-party GNSS receivers by allowing them to use Atlas corrections with Hemisphere’s innovative BaseLink® capabilities. Also included, is Hemisphere’s aRTK technology. aRTK is an Atlas-based RTK augmentation system that provides RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail.


OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), system integrators, and end-users rely on Hemisphere’s machine control & guidance solutions for construction, mining, forestry, specialty machines, and any other applications requiring high-precision satellite positioning and heading. OEMs, system integrators, and end-users can build their machine control and guidance systems by integrating our multi-GNSS, multi-frequency, L-band capable hardware.

Hemisphere offers ruggedized GNSS receivers and smart antennas for high-precision positioning and heading, intelligent and rugged tablets and control boxes for in-cab system management, unprecedented software options, as well as our Atlas® GNSS global correction service, and other advanced technology product features. We have all the necessary components for you to create full turnkey solutions for your customers.

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