In any season, Hemisphere GNSS’ next-generation precision agriculture products and solutions provide everything you need to be accurate, efficient, productive, and reliable when managing your data, equipment, and machines.

Agriculture and farming are among the most physically demanding industries in the world. Jobs require robust equipment to tackle rough terrain, endure long hours, and withstand dusty conditions.

You need fast start-up time, and reliable tools. OEMs (original equipment manufacturer), system integrators, and end-users consistently trust Hemisphere and Outback Guidance’s precision agriculture control, guidance, and steering solutions for planting, cultivating, fertilizing, spraying, harvesting, and any other agriculture or farming applications requiring scalable satellite positioning and heading.

Access to Advanced Technology Features

Hemisphere’s Atlas® is an innovative, industry-leading GNSS-based global L-band correction service that benefits farm equipment manufacturers requiring scalable high-precision positioning for their agricultural applications. Providing robust performance at market-leading prices, Atlas is a flexible service, delivering its correction signals via L-band satellites at accuracies ranging from sub-meter to sub-decimeter levels.

Hemisphere’s Atlas Basic is a ground-breaking new feature providing users of both single and multi-frequency Atlas-capable products the ability to achieve instantaneous SBAS-equivalent performance anywhere in the world where the Atlas correction service is available.

Hemisphere’s Atlas AutoSeed feature allows users to suspend Atlas use for any period, and upon returning to their last location, the Atlas system uses AutoSeed to rapidly re-converge to a high-accuracy converged position.

Ruggedized Hardware

Build your OEM-branded agriculture guidance and control systems using:

  • Single-box auto-steering solutions with ISOBUS VT client support and definable CAN and serial messaging
  • Smart antennas to improve the accuracy of your guidance terminals
  • Custom integrated APIs
  • Other unlimited variations

Hemisphere offers everything you need to create full-system OEM guidance and control solutions for your customers.

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