SiteMetrix™ Construction Site Management Software

SiteMetrix™ Construction Site Management Software

Hemisphere GNSS’ universal construction site supervisor system, including SiteMetrix™ and the all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency C321+ RTK Base & Rover, is the ultimate tool to help you manage all of your jobsite activities. SiteMetrix was designed to be user friendly, easy to understand, portable, and expandable. Use the system to localize sites, check grade, configure base stations, calculate volumes of materials moved, store points, and much more.

Manage Your Construction Jobsite
Hemisphere’s SiteMetrix is a complete 3D / GNSS site management and inspection tool, implementing most grading and excavating applications:

  • Provides cut and fill information across the job site in real-time moving easily between a vehicle to a man-rover pole
  • Supports most GNSS receivers by offering the world’s largest GNSS library
  • Easy-to-use stakeout, collection, volume computations and reporting, and as-built points
  • Provides an incredible amount of direct import files, including DWG, DXF, TN3, GC3, LN3, TIN, and GRD
  • Customizable user interface, SiteMetrix can be as easy or advanced as necessary

Grade Management Software Solution

  • Easy-to-use
  • Create localizations
  • Import / export multiple file types
  • In-the-field volume calculations
  • Enhanced graphics for data collection
  • Graphical stakeout
  • Real-time cut and fill information
  • Internal UHF radio
  • External radio support
  • Built-in cellular communication support
  • CAD layer management
  • Windows OS
  • Vehicle mount option for supervisor system

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