LandMetrix™ OEM Agriculture Guidance & Control Software

LandMetrix™ OEM Agriculture Guidance & Control Software

Hemisphere’s LandMetrix OEM application software platform provides the ultimate tool for you to manage your machines for any guidance or control application. Whether it is land preparation, planting, spraying, or harvesting applications, you can rebrand the LandMetrix software to sell as your own.

Key Features

  • Auto-steer guidance modes for AB, PIVOT, and GRID patterns
  • Store all system parameters and last jobs
  • Precise pass matching in opposite directions
  • Easy-to-use commands for setup, output, control, and display
  • Single or Vector™ GNSS
  • Internal radio for RTK differential
  • Input for NTRIP differential or external GNSS receiver
  • 3 PWM H bridge outputs for direct connect to electro-hydraulic steering valves
  • CAN proprietary messages
  • I/O with engage/disengage and other safety switches
  • 5 V reference for wheel sensor A/D
  • 2 Serial ports
  • 3-axis accelerometer and gyro with temperature sensor
  • Ethernet capability
  • Forward and reverse auto-steering firmware
  • Multi-axis mountable
  • Will be ISOBUS VT client compliant with NMEA2000 and additional proprietary messaging available

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