Swathe Services Combines Atlas® GNSS Corrections with Cutting-Edge Sonar Solutions to Facilitate Advanced Hydrographic Projects

Swathe Services is a UK firm providing hydrographic surveying expertise. Swathe does not actually perform hydrographic surveying; rather, the firm focuses on training and assembling qualified [...]

Hemisphere GNSS & Atlas® Correction Service Positioning Agriculture for Success in Argentina

Plantium, in Santa Fe, Argentina, is a full-service provider of precision agricultural guidance systems to some of Argentina’s largest farming operations. The company makes and installs its [...]

Location, Location, Location: Hemisphere GNSS and UniStrong’s New Role as a Global Company

The 2018 UniStrong Global Partner Summit, held in Shenzhen, China, was a well-attended and happy event, as Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. celebrated explosive revenue [...]

OEM Done Right: Hemisphere GNSS & Carlson Software Bring Lightweight, State-Of-The-Art Receivers to Market

For land surveyors, and others that rely on constant use of GPS and GNSS technology, instant location technology is essential. This incredible technology relies on satellites, specialized [...]